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The Story
Hard to find, but worth the effort
Nestled behind an industrial estate, tucked away from all but the devout sweet tooth, you’ll find Homebush Cakes. The maker of original French recipes tried and tested with only the freshest and best ingredients. Val Leone established a Homebush craving 37 years ago. She didn’t know back in 1970 that the French delicacies cooling on her window ledge were the beginnings of a successful family owned business. Baked in her home kitchen these treats and recipes began to be the talk of the town.
Back then, demand for everything sweet and savoury from the local community pushed Val out of house and home, quite literally – 4 years later into a more suitable kitchen in Thornleigh. As a willing and trusted apprentice, her son Jeremy, who would later take over the reins, gaining experience (as well as a sweet tooth) during school holidays.
The rest, as they say, is history. The company that was built on love, sweetness and tears flourished. Jeremy has now become the master; the one-woman operation is now a 30 person team dedicated to making Homebush’s famous cakes. Having learnt that the best employees come from within the company, Homebush Cakes is currently training 4 apprentices of their own.
With over 35 varieties, and using only the best ingredients like real oranges, bananas, macadamia nuts and apples, Homebush Cakes maintains its reputation for quality.
With a history of clientele in nursing homes and hospitals, Homebush Cakes knows that although the proof is in the pudding, commitment to industry guidelines is a guarantee of safety and reliability of their product. As such, Homebush Cakes was one of the pioneers to get on board, and follow the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) food production system.
“Homebush Cakes is my life, and over the years we’ve placed just as much importance on the service to customers as the cakes we bake. Today, nothing’s changed; my job now is making sure that all customers receive their cakes on time and with a smile. If you have
any questions, or you have a special order to place, give me a call on 9746 8477’
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